In the News: Nucor Corp. Is Expanding in Decatur

Nucor Corp. is expanding in Decatur

Big news from a big company in our area reminds us that Decatur was recently ranked the second-best place to work in manufacturing in the U.S. In fact, Nucor Corp. is expanding in Decatur with plans to build a new state-of-the-art plant.

About the Nucor expansion

News that Nucor Corp. is expanding in Decatur was released in late February. The company announced that the Towers & Structures business unit will be constructing a brand-new transmission tower production plant in River City.

The future plant will be located next to the existing Nucor Steel Decatur sheet steel mill. The upcoming Decatur plant will be the first of two new tower production plants Nucor plans to build.

In the end, the $125 million facility will be home to about 200 new full-time jobs in our area. The jobs are expecting to average $75,000 in annual income. The facility will fill positions over a four-year period.

According to reports, the plant will be “highly automated.” More specifically, it will use an efficient straight-line production system as well as “advanced hot-dip galvanizing operations.”

More about the project

The company’s investment includes land improvements, construction of the new plant and manufacturing equipment. Upon completion, the plant will help increase Nucor’s abilities to offer engineered solutions for construction projects and utility infrastructure.

Factors such as grid hardening, renewable energy projects, natural disasters, the need for a nationwide network of EV chargers and population growth each contribute to the need for a transmission tower production plant.


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