Local Spotlight: Old State Bank in Decatur

Old State Bank in Decatur

A big part of celebrating a new year includes reflection. So, we’ve decided to take it way back and put the spotlight on a community staple. Old State Bank in Decatur is more than a city landmark, it’s living history.

Old State Bank

Did you know this July Old State Bank will turn 190? Built in 1833, it is one of only four buildings in town that survived the Civil War. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

First of all, Old State Bank was one of four state banks located in Alabama. The main branch was in Tuscaloosa, which was the state capital at the time. The other two locations were in Montgomery and Mobile.

By 1842, however, the state bank had lost its charter. But its usefulness did not end there. In fact, during the Civil War, the building was used as a hospital by the Union Army.

After that, Old State Bank in Decatur served the community in various ways. According to reports, it was the First National Bank of Decatur from 1881 to 1902. Then it was used as a boarding house for a bit. Next, it became a civic meeting space before becoming home to the American Legion.

Eventually, the American Legion donated the building to the city. Finally, it became the historic museum visitors love today!

More about Old State Bank

Head to 925 Bank St. NE to find Old State Bank in Decatur. It is open Monday through Friday for guided tours. In addition to the tours, guest lecturers, special programs, and events are all held at the old bank.

The lovely example of antebellum architecture remains a popular backdrop for photos as well. The five original limestone columns still welcome guests. And if you look closely, you may see evidence of Civil War battles, including bullet holes!

Inside, visitors are taken back in time thanks to the original walk-in vault and tellers’ cage, which remain intact. Some may be surprised to learn that in the olden days, the head cashier actually lived in an apartment on the second floor.

Today, many 1800s furnishings and artifacts can be found on the second floor, providing a better picture of what life was once like in Decatur.


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