In the News: Decatur’s 2nd Avenue Was Named the Cutest Street in Alabama for 2022

Decatur's 2nd Avenue was named the cutest street in Alabama for 2022

The South is known for its old-fashioned beauty and charm—for its original buildings and growing greenery, quaint shopping streets, and community spirit. That being said, it really is no surprise that Decatur’s 2nd Avenue was named the cutest street in Alabama for 2022 by SoulGrown.

Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur is a classic small-town tale. One of romanticized anecdotes and picturesque places lining the roads, the buildings and streets that truly do tell a story.

Recognized for its unique allure and coming at no surprise to the locals, Decatur’s 2nd Avenue was named the cutest street in Alabama for 2022.

But what makes 2nd Avenue stand out? From its dedication to revitalization efforts to its ever-expanding community spirit and its captivating charm, 2nd Avenue offers more than just a pretty backdrop.


The Downtown Decatur Redevelopment Authority (DDRA) has achieved a lot and has even more grand plans for the next few years.

This includes murals, aesthetic signs to mark entryways connected to 2nd Avenue, repairing sidewalks, and even adding additional landscaping. It doesn’t just stop there; the DDRA also has goals to develop a new visitors center, establish a trolley system, add new public parking, and potentially move the farmer’s market to Lee Street.

Other revitalization efforts are focusing on residential or mixed-use developments along the riverfront. Riverfront facility improvements are also on the list of revitalization goals. This would include a kayaking dock, new restaurants, an art space, and more. A new hotel is currently being built directly off of 2nd Avenue.


With murals to be seen, shops to shop in, and restaurants to dine in, every way you look on 2nd Avenue tells a story. When strolling down the sidewalks of 2nd Avenue, it is impossible not to stop in each of the quaint stores. Local businesses have found much success on this beloved street.

Founded on its commitment to community by bringing “local artisan goods, coffee, and local art to Downtown Decatur” High Point Market is 2nd Avenue’s first stop and most adored spot.

The Carriage House, an exquisite women’s boutique, and other unique businesses can also be found on 2nd Avenue.


On 2nd Avenue, you will find repainted and refurbished buildings, manicured greenery, lively shops, and many happy visitors.

With sidewalk putt-putt, a miniature “take one, leave one” farmer’s market, and welcoming “come on in” signs on the corners, 2nd Avenue offers a charm unlike any other. These additions make the street the perfect place for a fun day.

At the end of 2nd Avenue, you will find The Princess Theater, Decatur’s most iconic landmark. Since 1887, The Princess Theater has been “a place for a diverse community to gather in laughter, in song, and in all human things.”


We know exactly why Decatur’s 2nd Avenue was named the cutest street in Alabama for 2022. Whether you’re out for a stroll, having a shopping day, or looking for some tasty food, 2nd Avenue is the place to go!

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