In the News: Sixth Avenue Streetscape Project

Sixth Avenue streetscape project

Decatur residents were recently able to offer their input and feedback on the proposed Sixth Avenue streetscape project in Decatur. Here’s a quick update!

In the news

According to reports, what was original expected to cost between $5 million to $6 million is now looking more like a $10 million project.

Wondering what’s changed since the initial proposal? A couple of things, city officials say. First of all, once Volkert Inc. was brought on to help beautify the northern end of Sixth Avenue, the projected cost jumped to about $8 million.

Now the cost will likely go up due to “inflationary supply chain issues.” Regardless of the increased expenses, the Sixth Avenue streetscape project will be a massive overhaul for the area.

More about the project

There are a few main features the Sixth Avenue streetscape project will focus on. For starters, the project hopes to improve traffic flow.

Next up, it includes reducing the number of center turn lanes by adding in new landscaped medians. Other key features include wider walkways and beautification.

The project involves a one-mile stretch of Sixth Avenue between Prospect Drive and the Tennessee River bridges. Along the way, the proposal also suggests removing up to three traffic lights and adding barriers.

Those include the traffic signals at Prospect Drive, Jackson Street and Johnston Street. In the end, the removal of these lights will do away with left turns onto and from those secondary streets. Thus, re-routing traffic to nearby Eighth Avenue Southeast one way and Fourth Avenue in the other direction.

The project timeline

As of now, city officials are waiting on the final approval for the proposed Sixth Avenue streetscape project. They hope to have said approval by early next year.

Then, if all goes accordingly, work on the project could begin by the spring of 2023. Click here to review the initial project proposal from February 2021.


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