In the News: Downtown Decatur Parking Deck

downtown Decatur parking deck

Parking downtown may be easier by this time next year! Construction should be heating up on what will eventually become a downtown Decatur parking deck.

The details

The downtown Decatur parking deck will be a four-story building off of East Moulton Street and First Avenue Southeast. According to reports, the estimated cost of the project could be anywhere from $5 to $6 million.

The downtown Decatur parking deck will provide more than 200 parking spaces. However, about 90 of those will be reserved for use by the future 80-room Fairfield Inn.

The hotel, which will be to the east of the parking deck, should also be under construction sometime soon.

In fact, the groundwork has already begun by Decatur Utilities. They are currently in the process of helping prepare the area between First and Second avenues and East Moulton and Johnston streets for the parking deck construction.

With construction starting as early as June, the projected completion date for the downtown parking deck is the spring of 2023.

In addition to more parking, plans include a courtyard and green spaces for residents to enjoy. Plus, the city recently added four 1,200-square-foot retail spaces on the ground level facing Moulton Street.

More on the parking deck

Wondering what it might cost to park in the future downtown deck? Initially the city stated they planned on charging a $2 fee to park.

Now, however, plans have changed. Before finalizing a parking fee structure, the city will do a little due diligence. They will be looking at and reviewing what the rates are for similar nearby parking decks in cities such as Huntsville, for example.

The option to pay for parking via an app to make it more convenient for visitors is also in the works.


Do you know how long it takes to drive from Summer Key Apartments to the site of the future parking deck? About 10 minutes! Not a resident? Not a problem! Contact us today to ask about upcoming availability. Keep reading our blogs for more community news and spotlights!