Things to Do: Decatur’s Historic Walking Tours

Decatur's Historic Walking Tours

Put on comfortable shoes and get ready to explore our city in a new way when you take one of Decatur’s historic walking tours highlighting the city’s colorful past and more.

Old Decatur Walking Tours

One of the best parts about Decatur’s historic walking tours is you can set your own pace and pick and choose what stops you want to see.

However, if you do follow the map in numerical order, the entire tour takes about an hour.

While Decatur’s historic walking tours can always be self-guided, there happens to be an upcoming guided 2022 April Walking Downtown Crime Tour scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd, at 10 a.m.

The starting point for this tour will be at the Morgan County Archives located at 624 Bank St. Northeast. As you walk along the tree-lined streets, learn about the city’s notorious past including tales of bootleggers and brothels, for instance.

But if you prefer to go your own way, you can do so any time. Simply download the free Old Decatur Historic Walking Tour app from the Apple App Store. Then start walking!

Remember to scan each marker’s QR code with your phone to uncover the site’s history. Plan on finding out more about the buildings and places along Bank Street, Cherry Street and Line Street, for instance.

More about the walking tours

In addition to the Old Decatur Walking Tour, there’s also the Albany Historic District Tour, which has a free downloadable app as well.

The Albany tour spotlights additional historic sites and parks plus some of the city’s oldest homes. Admire Victorian architecture, brick bungalows circa 1919 and stately homes belonging to the area’s original influential leaders.

Like the Old Decatur Walking Tour, the Albany tour takes about an hour start to finish.


Decatur’s past isn’t the only colorful thing about this city. Today, it remains a vibrant city on the banks of the Tennessee River with plenty of fun things to do—like the walking tours! For more community news, events and spotlights, keep reading our blogs!