In the News: The Singing River Trail

the Singing River Trail

Have you heard about the Singing River Trail project yet? Well, good news. This massive trail system will eventually connect Huntsville to Madison to Decatur to Athens and beyond. It will feature greenways, the Tennessee River and much more of North Alabama!

About the Singing River Trail

What started as an idea several years ago to connect Decatur’s Calhoun Community College campus to the Huntsville campus has come to fruition as the Singing River Trail. Originally, the plan was to connect three counties and four main cities with about 70 miles of greenways and waterways.

Today, the proposed Singing River Trail has grown to more than 200 miles, eight counties and several cities, with a plan to connect North Alabama from Bridgeport to Sheffield!

The Singing River Trail is a massive project and undertaking. Hence, progress continues slowly but surely.

Status Update

According to recent reports, a new partnership with the Tennessee RiverLine provided a $25,000 grant to the Singing River Trail. This money will be used to help study the best route and development of trails from Decatur to the Shoals area.

Part of the trail system from Decatur to the Shoals will follow a portion of the Trail of Tears, which is one small example of how history and educational opportunities will thrive on the Singing River Trail.

Decatur was also awarded a $100,000 state budget appropriation for the Singing River Trail project and study. The city hopes eventually the trail will be one more way to attract visitors to the area.

As trail blazers bike, hike and even kayak portions of the route, travelers will have the opportunity to stop in cities along the way—like Decatur and nearby Courtland.

Currently, trail planners continue to investigate ways to cross the Tennessee River around Decatur. They are considering a cantilever bridge attached to a newer northbound bridge. Also under consideration are ferry boats and buses complete with bike racks for both pedestrians and bikers.

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

Did you know Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge will be a centerpiece of the Singing River Trail? This already-existing, 35,000 acres of beautiful habitat happens to be one more reason to visit our city. It is home to thousands of wintering and migrating waterfowl among other wildlife, flora and fauna.


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