In the News: Plans for a New Zoo in Limestone County

New Zoo in Limestone County

Did you hear? Creatures that walk the land and sea are on their way! With plans for a new zoo in Limestone County officially announced, get excited for a world view of wildlife right here in North Alabama.

More on the zoo

In early August, Limestone County, Alabama, received some exciting news: eventually, it will house a brand new zoo. The North Alabama Zoological Society selected our area for its next project—one that promises to bring both new revenue and fascinating animals to the area.

Building plans show that the zoo will unveil in multiple phases. They have 200 acres to use—so expect quite a few awesome additions!

About the phases


In total, it will cost $11 million to acquire the properties eyed for the new zoo. Though the North Alabama Zoological Society is currently still fundraising, they have made significant progress.

If you want to contribute or spread the word, visit their donation page here.

Phase one

Phase one is going local! It will showcase critters from the Gulf Coast and Tennessee Valley area. That’s not all though. It will also feature:

  • An aquarium;
  • An entertainment district; and
  • A section on the brave animals that explored outer space.

Upcoming phases

After phase one, the new zoo in Limestone County has more to reveal. Over time, they will build additions like:

  • Three Adventure Trek spots;
  • Safaris;
  • Horseback riding; and
  • Zip lines.

How long until I can visit?

Good things come to those who wait! Though the soonest phase is slated for completion in three years, that just means you have something special to look forward to.

If you just can’t wait to learn more about the locations these animals come from, you can always visit the Cook Museum!


Watch along Interstate 65 in Limestone County! The zoo will span 200 acres around there, close to the Huntsville Browns-Ferry Exit.

The benefits of a new zoo

Animal lovers, rejoice! The new zoo in Limestone County will help with conservation efforts. It will also open up a different location for sustainable farming research.

Not to mention, it will bring a whole lot of revenue to our town. From building, to supplies, to new jobs, it promises to boost our local economy for years to come. In fact, it will likely bring about a quarter of a million new tourists to town. That, and an extra $100 million in the pocket of local businesses!


It looks like the newest residents in town will be of the animal variety! Though we still have a bit of time to wait until they move in, we can’t wait to meet them all at the new zoo in Limestone County.

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