In the News: Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur

Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur

Have you ever craved funnel cakes, but had no idea how to cook them up in your kitchen? There’s no need to stress yourself out recreating this iconic food! Instead, you can visit Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur for a delicious treat. Even if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you can still pick out something great from the menu, like hotdogs and burgers.

More on Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur

Funnel Cake Queen has shown our town what it means to be a good neighbor. Not only do they offer tasty funnel cakes, but they strive to support local residents and organizations. Kenya Congress, who runs this fan-favorite business, has put the shop’s profits to good causes.

Her good deeds are making waves during these stressful times. In fact, she recently gifted more than $2,000 to folks in our community. That money made a big difference in the lives of others, such as a single mother who needed assistance catching up with her mortgage payments.

The Menu

Want to support Funnel Cake Queen? With a menu this mouthwatering, ordering something there is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. Some of their options include:

  • Classic funnel cakes;
  • Oreo funnel cakes;
  • Red velvet funnel cakes;
  • White chocolate funnel cakes;
  • Nachos;
  • Chicken tenders;
  • Burgers;
  • And more.

You can also choose your toppings and syrups for a personalized funnel cake!

Visiting and Safety Details

You can visit Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur at 1614 Beltline Road SW. They operate from 12 to 9 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Please, remember to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from those not in your household. Don’t forget to listen to all state laws, employee directions, and written signage. They also have a helpful drive-thru, in case you don’t want to leave your car. Thank you for keeping Decatur safe and healthy!


When you visit Funnel Cake Queen in Decatur, you know that you’re eating at a place filled with people who care about their community. So, if you’re dreaming of something sweet, consider taking a trip on over there! After all, everyone deserves a little treat every now and then.

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