4 Places to Canoe and Kayak Near Decatur

places to canoe and kayak near Decatur

After seasons spent indoors, having fun outside sounds like the perfect summer. If you enjoy time on the water, consider visiting these fun places to canoe and kayak near Decatur, Alabama.

Osprey Point Landing Canoe and Kayak Launch Area

  • About: This spot is open to the public! Keep an eye out for cool wildlife like osprey as you canoe or kayak. You can also go fishing too!
  • Address: Highway 67, Decatur, AL
  • Traveling time from Summer Key Apartments: 11 minutes

Forrest Paddle Boarding

  • About: At Forest Paddle Boarding, you can kayak, canoe, and yes, paddle board! They even offer lessons if you’re new to all the fun.
  • Address: 5109 Colemont Lane Northeast, Huntsville, AL
  • Traveling time from Summer Key Apartments: 43 minutes

Nack Trips

  • About: Another one of the amazing places to canoe and kayak near Decatur is Nack Trips. Their name stands for “North Alabama Canoe and Kayak” and they offer a wonderful place to hit the water. You can rent a canoe or kayak or bring your own. Then, get ready to enjoy a three-and-a-half hour adventure down the river!
  • Address: 1143 Moontown Road, Brownsboro, AL
  • Traveling time from Summer Key Apartments: 46 minutes

Elk River Adventures

  • About: Who’s ready to make some memories at Elk River Adventures? See the natural beauty of the Elk River as you rent a kayak or a canoe!
  • Address: 4747 Elkton Pike, Prospect, TN
  • Traveling time: from Summer Key Apartments: 48 minutes


Your summer doesn’t have to be boring! Add some much-needed R&R into your life when you visit these terrific places to canoe and kayak near Decatur. And please, make sure to take good care of yourself and others by wearing sunscreen and practicing the proper water safety.

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