In the News: Decatur Counts 2020

Decatur Counts 2020

The Census doesn’t roll around every year. In fact, it appears just once per decade. So, when it arrives, it’s a pretty big deal! And yes—it’s here! If you haven’t already filled out the current Census, you should. Decatur Counts 2020 is working to educate residents on why raking the Census matters. Read on to learn more about this important civic tool.

What is Decatur Counts 2020?

Our town is filled with wonderful people—and they’re what make our community so strong. This city—and its residents—are important. Decatur Counts 2020 wants to ensure that all of our voices are heard—and that we are all represented—in this year’s Census. Unfortunately, there have been lower response rates than desired.

The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to make a big difference! Spending a handful of minutes at your computer—or calling the official Census hotline from your phone—can define the next 10 years for our whole state.

How can filling out the 2020 Census benefit me and my community?

Decatur Counts 2020 has been spreading the many reasons why taking the Census is so beneficial. Some of the positive results of filling out the Census include:

  • Receiving more funding and benefits allocated to your community, like Pell Grants, highway planning and construction funding, medical assistance and more;
  • Contributing helpful data that can determine the state of our economy—and how to improve it;
  • Being represented;
  • Getting additional seating in Congress or maintaining the seats your state has; and
  • Determining how many Electoral College votes your state has.

How can I fill out the 2020 Census?

Haven’t filled out the 2020 Census yet? Don’t worry—you still have time! Follow these instructions:

  • Get out your official 2020 Census letter. You should have gotten a letter—or several—from the U.S. government about taking the 2020 Census. It will include your specific Census code.
  • Enter the code on the official Census website. You can find the 2020 Census website here.
  • Confirm your address. Once you enter your current/registered address, you can get started.
  • Take the Census. The Census is fairly quick. If you have dependents or several people in your home, it will take you longer than those who live alone. Additionally, make sure you check with the people who you want to claim as dependents, so that you can ensure they also are filing as your dependents.
  • Know that you count. It’s over—you’re all done filling out the latest Census. Thank you for making your voice heard!


You don’t need money to invest in your community’s future. Decatur Counts 2020 shows that you just need a little bit of time to make a big difference—one that can change the whole decade. Don’t forget to fill out the Census this year!

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