Local Spotlight: Decatur’s Delano Park

Decatur's Delano Park

Time in the sun isn’t just fun! It can also improve our mood—and even our health. Now that the weather is heading toward a more forgiving temperature, you can pay a visit to a terrific local treasure: Decatur’s Delano Park.

What is Decatur’s Delano Park?

Does the name “Delano” sound familiar to you? What about the name “Franklin Delano Roosevelt?” The Park actually earned its name as a tribute to that famous president’s mother, Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt. Nearby residents first gained official access to the park in 1887. It’s come a long way since then, with restoration efforts from locals, FDR’s Depression Era WPA and CWA teams, and the organization Friends of Delano Park.

Keeping our parks beautiful doesn’t just happen on its own! It takes a lot of love and hard work—and Decatur’s Delano Park is a testament to that! People even planted more than 200 trees inside of the park to make it greener than ever.

What can I do at Delano Park?

Prepare to have a wonderful time! Decatur’s Delano Park offers plenty for visitors to see and do. It includes features like:

  • A lighted walking trail;
  • The Girl Scout Little House;
  • A volleyball court;
  • A rose garden;
  • A badminton court;
  • A splashpad;
  • A playground; and
  • A basketball court.

Visiting Details

Spring has nearly sprung! If you want to get a head start on all the outdoor excitement, plan your next trip to Decatur’s Delano Park. It’s located at 825 Gordon Drive, Southeast. It will be open every day from dawn until dusk. And yes—it’s free for all to visit!


Playing sports, taking a peaceful walk, or just stopping to smell the roses—you can get some relaxation in at Decatur’s Delano Park. No matter what you choose to do, you’re sure to have a great time out in nature.

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