7 Quick Facts About Decatur, Alabama

facts about Decatur, Alabama

To us, Decatur means home sweet home. Whether you’re new to town or want to learn more about the place you’ve called your own for years and years, you’ll find these quick facts about Decatur, Alabama to be fully fascinating. How many of them do you know?

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic Festival

If you see a bunch of hot air balloons floating in the skies above Decatur, chances are you’re in the middle of the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic Festival. They rise into the skies during Memorial Day weekend each year.

Tennessee River

Like to picnic? It’s too cold to swim, but the temperature is fine for a light walk or picnic—and the Tennessee River is the perfect spot. Decatur is right along the river, lending a bit of natural beauty to our terrific town.

Biggest Industries

One of our quick facts about Decatur, Alabama involves its industries. The top three biggest industries in the city are manufacturing (where 20.2 percent of residents work), social services and health care and education (19.3 percent), and retail (14.9 percent).

Stephen Decatur

Decatur earned its name from a man named Stephen Decatur. He’s best known for his exploits in the War of 1812, where he played a big role in naval strategy and advances.

Mae Jemison

Famous astronaut Mae Jemison was born in Decatur in 1956. She spent just more than 190 hours in space!

River City

Ever heard of something called “River City”? As it turns out, that’s just another name for Decatur!

Summer Key

Decatur, Alabama is home to wonderful Summer Key! We have one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments, and three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments located in beautiful Decatur.


One bonus addition to our quick facts about Decatur, Alabama: everyone is welcome here! If you’re thinking of moving to a peaceful community, check out our units and amenities at our website or call us at (256) 350-2738. As for learning more about Decatur, visit our blog!